Cloud Powered Mobile Application Platform

FeedHenry provides a Cloud Powered Mobile Application Platform that simplifies the development, integration, deployment and management of secure mobile apps for business. This mobile platform-as-a-service (PaaS) allows apps to be developed as:

  • Native (iOS & Android),
  • Hosted hybrid (HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS)
  • PhoneGap hybrid (using our PhoneGap JavaScript SDK)
  • Mobile Web & Desktop Web (using our JavaScript SDK)

and deployed to multiple mobile devices - all powered by a single cloud code base.

The Node.js backend service offers a complete range of APIs designed to simplify and secure the connectivity of mobile apps to backend and third party systems. The platform can be deployed to private, public or hybrid clouds.

FeedHenry’s PaaS offers developers speed of development, instant scalability, device and cloud independence, and the ability to easily integrate to backend information.

Once an apps' cloud code is deployed to the FeedHenry AppCloud Execution Environment, operations engineers can quickly and easily monitor the app performance via a suite of RESTful Web Services as well as our hosted Cloud Management dashboard.

A wide range of Analytics & Reporting metrics are available including detailed metrics on app penetration & uptake by device, geographical region, and over time.

If you hit any roadblocks or need advice or guidance with anything just check out our Support Site where you can get help from other community members and direct from the FeedHenry team.

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Monitoring & Reporting